Tailoring Zone Alarm Pro

When the browser links to the form handling routine, the latter checks that the visitor is genuinely coming from the www.sfhg.org.uk site. By default, Zone Alarm Pro blocks this information. To allow referer information to be passed, you must create a rule for it.

One member has used the following instructions successfully

For ZoneAlarm Pro 3.0. May or may not be the same for other versions!

  1. Begin at ZoneAlarm Pro Control Center (if ZAP is minimized to tray, simply right click on the "ZA" symbol and choose "Restore ZoneAlarm Pro Control Center".)
  2. From left-hand column, choose "Privacy" (below "Alerts & Logs" and above "Email Protection".)
  3. Click menu tab that says "Site List" (next to "Main", under "Help", in right-hand corner.)
  4. Click on "Add" button on bottom right corner of Control Center (above "Options".)
  5. A box pops up that says "Add sites to your privacy list by entering the URL below" and then asks for "URL". Type in the URL for the site like: www.sfhg.org.uk
  6. Click "OK".
  7. Locate the site you just entered in the list of sites and right click anywhere on that line. You are given the choice of "Remove" and "Options". Choose "Options".
  8. You are given the options for the site you just entered. Under the "Cookies" menu, go to the "3rd Party Cookies" section. Uncheck "Remove Private Header Information". Click "Apply" at bottom. Click "OK" at bottom.