Sussex FHG Wills Depository

Listed below are the 6,400 will transcripts in the Wills Depository. You can either look under the surnames you are interested in or the parishes your families lived in. We include not only wills of people living in Sussex but references to Sussex people and property.

Contact me and I will send you the transcripts you would like to see. Please quote your membership number.
Last year I was able to supply some 480 transcripts to members.

As well as full transcripts we also have some 500 abstracts, which include mentions of many names and properties.
We also have over 500 Admons and 80 inventories.

Copies of transcripts received are put in the library and all names from wills (testators, beneficiaries, executors and witnesses) are added to the Sussex People Index, which should be consulted for surnames other than those of the testator.

If you have transcribed any wills, Admons or inventories in the course of your family history we would be pleased to add them to the Depository. We have a cut off date of 1930.
To forward your transcripts, either as a Word document or typed, please contact me:
Rosie Ansell, SFHG Wills Depository, 23 Bristol Road, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP33 2DH or

or check box to email

Alphabetical Listings

Please include the reference number, and your membership number, when asking for details.