SFHG Library Catalogue - Section 1 - Places beginning with U

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CountyMain InformationChristeningsBanns MarriagesBurialsCensusFormatLook In
   Parish Register photocopy 1813-1847    slips in boxes 
   Parish Register photocopy1838-1858    photocopy 
   Parish Register photocopy1858-1876    photocopy 
   Parish Register1648-1799 1648-1799 1648-1799transcript 
   Parish Register1700-1731    transcriptcollection in CT File 2
   Parish Register1780-1799    transcriptcollection in CT File 2
   Parish Register  1530-1648  transcript 
   Parish Register  1813-1837  transcript 
   Burial Register & War Dead 1914 - 1918    1885-1900transcript 
   Baptist Meeting - Non Conformist transcript1783-1830   1803-1837transcriptNon Parochial Records of SSX Vol. 2
   Baptist Meeting - surnames1801-1811   1801-1811transcriptNon Parochial Records of SSX Vol. 2
   Census     1831Printed IndexPBN Publ.
   Census on CD     1841CDSussex Census 1841 Vol. 18
   Census     1841Printed Index 
   Census     185135mm m/filmFilm No. CM40
   Census     1851Printed IndexE. SSX 1851 Census Index J. Barnes Vol.15
   Census     186116mm m/filmFilm No. XA2/4B
   Census     187135mm m/filmFilm XA17/3 & 12b
   'Hindsight' Vol. 2 -Local History Uckfield Preservation Soc.        
   'Hindsight' Vol. 4 -Local History Uckfield Preservation Soc.        
   'Hindsight' Vol. 3 -Local History Uckfield Preservation Soc. 1997       
   'Hindsight' Vol. 6 -Local History Uckfield Preservation Soc. Summer 2000       
   'Hindsight' Vols. 7-9 -Local History Uckfield Preservation Soc. 2001-2003       
   'Hindsight' Vol. 10-Local History - Uckfield Preservation Soc. 2004       
   'Hindsight' Vol. 11-Local History - Uckfield Preservation Soc. Autumn 2005       
   'Hindsight' Vol. 12-Local History - Uckfield Preservation Soc. Autumn 2006       
   'Hindsight' Vol. 13-Local History - Uckfield Preservation Soc. Autumn 2007       
   Archive Photographs Series Around Uckfield by Pres.Soc..       
   Payment by Results Uckfield P.School 1863-1895-by S.WRIGHT       
   Parish Register photocopy 1813-1850    slips in boxes 
   Parish Register photocopy1849-1900    photocopy 
   Parish Register1813-1840 1813-1837 1813-1840transcript 
   MIs Grimaldi (1900)       
   MIs 1900. Hand written book       
   MIs     CollectionLeaves from a Genealogist's Notebook
   Census on CD     1841CDSussex Census 1841 Vol. 13
   Census     1851Printed IndexE. SSX 1851 Census Index J. Barnes Vol. 2
   Census     186116mm m/filmFilm No. XA2/1
   Census     187135mm m/filmFilm XA17/6
   St. Mary's Church - guide by Peter HARVEY       
   Directories 1906 & 1915 p/copies       
   Parish Register 1714-1900 1714-1900 1714-1900Fiche 
   Indexed Transcript of the Parish Register of St. Michael1601-19021755-19001607-1900 1601-1901Mini CDArun Series SXW 73
   Banns 1824-1900   Fiche 
   Parish Register1544-1900 1544-1900 1544-1900Fiche 
   Banns 1823-1899   Fiche 
   Parish Register index only1544-1886i 1548-1885i 1546-1891iPrinted index 
   Parish Register  1548-1838i  transcript 
   Parish Register of St. Peter, surname indexed1544-1901 1548-1900 1546-1901CD 
   Parish Register of St. Peter, Banns 1754-1899   CD 
   MIs     CollectionTime Warp
   Census     1841-91FicheCensus Index
   Census by Rev. J.R. Bloxham     1870-1881FicheCensus Index
   Census Names     1841-91Printed Index 
   Strays & grand index     1841-91Printed Index 
   Census As Enumerated & Index     1841-91CDSussex Census Transcriptions - Steyning SFHG
   Census Transcripts     1870-1881CD 
   Census     186116mm m/filmFilm No. XA2/8
   St. Peter's Church & Priory - guide       
   Beeding - History of a Village by Alison NOBLE. B. & Bramber L.H.S.     Printed 
   Parish Register 1762-1900 1762-1900 1762-1915Fiche 
   Banns 1875-1900   Fiche 
   Parish Register1610-1781i 1602-1781i 1607-1685itranscript 
   Parish Register  1815-1837i 1703-1782itranscript 
   Parish Register    1814-1851itranscript 
   MIs (1921) Fynamore       
   MIs (1920)