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CountyMain InformationChristeningsBanns MarriagesBurialsCensusFormatLook In
   Parish Reg. ts previously partly Sussex1564-1716 1564-1716 1564-1716  
   Parish Register  1564-1837i  transcript 
   Census     1841FicheSussex Census 1841 by PBN Vol.5
   Census     1841CDSussex Census 1841 by PBN Vol.5
   Census     185135mm m/filmFilm No. CM39
   Census     1851Printed IndexE. SSX 1851 Census Index J. Barnes Vol.13
   Census     186116mm m/filmFilm No. XA2/4A
   Census     187135mm m/filmFilm XA17/11
   Parish Register 1559-1900 1559-1900 1559-1900Fiche 
   Banns 1823-1900   Fiche 
   Parish Register  1628-1686  transcript 
   Parish Register  1716-1762  ttranscript 
   Census     1841-91FicheCensus Index
   Census     187135mm m/filmFilm XA17/17
   Parish Register photocopy 1813-1876    photocopy oversize 
   Parish Register1560-1632 1555-1632 1560-1632transcript 
   Parish Register1630-1703    transcript 
   Census on CD     1841CDSussex Census 1841 Vol. 14
   Census     185135mm m/filmFilm No. CM38
   Census     1851Printed IndexE. SSX 1851 Census Index J. Barnes Vol. 10
   Census     186116mm m/filmFilm No. XA2/3
   Census     187135mm m/filmFilm XA17/10
   St. John Southover Parish Register transcript1558-1799    transcript 
   All Saints - Parish Register transcript1561-1633 1567-1837 1566-1633transcript 
   Parish Register1700-1705    transcript 
   All Saints Parish Register1760-1799    transcriptcollection in CT File 2
   All Saints - Index1800-1900    indexLewes Baptismal Index
   MIs All Saints 1980       
   St. Anne - Parish Register transcript1579-1598    transcript 
   St. Anne - Parish Register transcript1608-1620    transcript 
   St. Anne - Parish Register transcript1679-1812 1679-1812 1679-1812transcript 
   St. Anne - Parish Register transcript  1813-1840  transcript 
   St. Anne - Index1800-1900    indexLewes Baptismal Index
   Bishop's Transcripts & Surname Index of the Parish Register of St. Anne's (St. Mary's Westout)1608-1672 1608-1672 1608-1672Mini CDArun Series SXW 69
   List of Names Commemorated in St Anne's Churchyard & plan     printed 
   St. John Sub Castro - Index1800-1900    indexLewes Baptismal Index
   St. John Sub Castro - Parish Register transcript  1813-1837  transcript 
   St. John Southover - Index1800-1900    indexLewes Baptismal Index
   St. John Southover - Parish Register transcript  1559-1837  transcript 
    S.John Southover - MIs 1978       
   St. Mary Westout Bishop's Transcript1608-1678 1608-1678 1608-1678transcript 
   St. Michael - Parish Register transcript1653-1702i 1653-1702i 1653-1703itranscript 
   St. Michael - Parish Register index only1575-1812 1653-1812 1653-1812transcript 
   St. Michael - Parish Register transcript  1606-1642  transcript 
   St. Michael - Index1800-1900    indexLewes Baptismal Index
    St.Michael - Mis (1992)       
   St. Thomas at Cliffe Parish Register & Bishop's Transcript1700-1759    transcript 
   St. Thomas at Cliffe - Index1800-1900    indexLewes Baptismal Index
   St. Thomas at Cliffe - Parish Register1760-1799    transcriptcollection in CT File 2
   St. Thomas at Cliffe - Parish Register  1606-1837  transcript 
   St Thomas at Cliffe - Parish Register  1659-1666  transcript 
   St Thomas at Cliffe - Mis       
   South Malling - Parish Register transcript1629-1812 1630-1755i 1629-1812transcript 
   South Malling - Index1800-1900    indexLewes Baptismal Index
   South Malling Bishop's Transcript  1775-1803  transcript 
   South Malling  1800-1837  transcript 
   South Malling Church - South Malling MIs (2000)        
   Baptist Chapel extracts Non Conformist transcript1786-1836    transcriptNon Parochial Records of SSX Vol. 2
   Bethesda Chapel1817-1842i    transcriptLewes Non Conformist Registers
   Bethesda Chapel - Index1817-1842    indexLewes Baptismal Index
   Bethesda Chapel - pc.of original1817-1842    transcript 
   Cliffe Old Chapel Extracts.1808-1835    transcriptNon Parochial Records of SSX Vol. 2
   Cliffe Old Chapel - Index1800-1805    indexLewes Baptismal Index
   Cliffe Old Chapel - Index1808-1837    indexLewes Baptismal Index
   Cliffe Old Chapel - List of surmames     transcriptNon Parochial Records of SSX Vol. 2
   Gen Bap Southover - Index1800-1836    indexLewes Baptismal Index
   Ind.Refuge Chapel - namings1795-1815    transcriptNon Parochial Records of SSX Vol. 2
   Ind.Refuge Chapel - Births1795-1803    transcriptNon Parochial Records of SSX Vol. 2
   Ind Refuge Chapel - Index1800-1815    indexLewes Baptismal Index
   Ind.Tabernacle - Extracts1818-1837    transcriptNon Parochial Records of SSX Vol. 2
   Ind.Tabernacle1817-1839i    transcriptLewes Non Conformist Registers
   Independant Chapel - Index1817-1900    indexLewes Baptismal Index
   Jireh Ind.Calv.Chapel - Index1805-1840    indexLewes Baptismal Index
   A History of Jireh Chapel Lewes by James E. North       
   Jireh Ind. Calv Chapel - Index1859-1900    indexLewes Baptismal Index
   Par.Bap.Eastgate - Index1800-1849    indexLewes Baptismal Index
   Quaker 1656-1775 1666-1755  transcriptSusssex Quaker Records
   S. of Friends Quaker - Index1800-1900    indexLewes Baptismal Index
   Wesleyan Meth. Circuit1808-1823    transcriptNon Parochial Records of SSX Vol. 2
   Wesleyan Meth. Circuit1824-1837    transcriptNon Parochial Records of SSX Vol. 2
   Wesleyan Meth. Circuit - Names1807-1824    transcriptNon Parochial Records of SSX Vol. 2
   Wesleyan Meth. Circui t- Names1824-1837    transcriptNon Parochial Records of SSX Vol. 2
   Wesleyan Meth. Circuit - Index1807-1891    indexLewes Baptismal Index
   Westgate Chapel - N.C. transcript1742-1834    transcriptLewes Non Conformist Registers
   Westgate Chapel (sheets)1688-1714    transcript 
   West Gate Unitarian - Index1800-1834    indexLewes Baptismal Index
   West Gate Unitarian - Index1844-1900    indexLewes Baptismal Index
   ...Census Lewes       
   St. John Sub-Castro      1831Printed IndexPBN Publ.
   St. Michael - Voters & Jury -1832. Population 1811     1811Printed IndexPBN Publ.
   Census on CD     1841CDSussex Census 1841 Vol. 22
   Census all Parishes     185135mm m/filmFilm No.
   Census All LEWES parishes     1851Printed IndexE. SSX 1851 Census Index J. Barnes Vol.22
   Census All LEWES Parishes     186116mm m/filmFilm No. XA2/
   Census All parishes     187135mm m/filmFilm XA17/4
   Household Directory (Census) 1871     1871  
   Borough of Lewes Poll Books 1802 - 1812 - 1826      Fiche 
   Town Book of Lewes 1542-1701 see Sx.Record Soc./many names      Sussex Record Society Vol. 68
   Town Book of Lewes 1702-1837 SRS 69      Sussex Record Society Vol. 69
   Town Book of Lewes 1837-1901      Sussex Record Society Vol. 70
   Survey 1790. Householders & Tradespeople     photocopy 
   Button's Guide 1805 (with Brighton)       
   Blue Book Guide 1915-16 (with Newhaven & Seaford)       
   Kelly's Directory 1968       
   Kelly's Directory 1969       
   Georgian Lewes 1714-1830 by Dr. Colin BRENT       
   Pre-Georgian Lewes" c.890-1714 by Dr. Colin BRENT       
   Lewes at War 1939-1945 by R.A. ELLISTON       
   A History of Pelham House.Inc. notes on PELHAM family       
   Ch.of St. Michael in Lewes 1986 & 1989 guides - revised       
   St. Thomas a'Becket at Cliffe- church guide       
   Ann of Cleeves House Museum. A guide       
   Street Map of Lewes by Barnett       
   `This is Lewes District' Lewes District Council (1983?)       
   Lewes War Memorial see in Section 2 Sub Sec. 28       
   Men of Southover- Stories and lives two World Wars by Alison M. BENSON       
   Old Ordnance Survey Map of Lewes 1898       
   'Burn Holy Fire' Religion in Lewes since the Reformation by Jeremy GORING       
   Parish Register 1701-1900 1701-1900 1701-1900Fiche 
   Banns 1875-1900   Fiche 
   Census     1851FicheW. SSX 1851 Census Index SFHG Vol 4
   Parish Register of St. Peter, surname indexed1565-1901 1566-1899 1566-1902CDSXW 79
   Parish Register 1558-1900 1558-1900 1558-1900Fiche 
   Banns 1823-1900   Fiche 
   Parish Register of St. Peter, Banns 1653-1902   CDSXW 79
   Census     1851FicheW. SSX 1851 Census Index SFHG Vol 4
   Parish Register1768-1812i 1559-1812i 1559-1812transcript 
   Burial Records    1854-1900  
   Ind.Ch. surnames1816-1837    transcriptNon Parochial Records of SSX Vol. 2
   Ind.Ch. extracts1831-1837    transcriptNon Parochial Records of SSX Vol. 2
   MIs (SAC)       
   Census on CD     1841CDSussex Census 1841 Vol. 20
   Census     185135mm m/filmFilm No. CM45
   Census     1851Printed IndexE. SSX 1851 Census Index J. Barnes Vol. 19
   Census     186116mm m/filmFilm No. XA2/4B
   See Mid Sussex Directories       
   All Saints- Ch.& The Village -guide (1968)       
   Parish Register1728-1812 1731-1835 1732-1812transcript 
   Parish Register1700-1728    transcriptcollection in CT File 2
   Parish Register1790-1799    transcriptcollection in CT File 2
   Parish Register  1701-1730  transcript 
   Census     1841FicheSussex Census 1841 by PBN Vol. 7
   Census     185135mm m/filmFilm No. CM37
   Census     185135mm m/filmFilm No. CM50
   Census     1851Printed IndexE. SSX 1851 Census Index J. Barnes Vol. 8
   Census     186116mm m/filmFilm No. XA2/3
   Census     187135mm m/filmFilm XA17/2
   Parish Register photocopy 1813-1924    photocopy oversize 
   Parish Register1540-1543    transcript 
   Parish Register1700-1759    transcriptcollection in CT File 2
   Parish Register1622-1690 1742-1837i  transcript 
   Parish Register  1622-1625i  collectionEight E. Sussex Parish Marriages
   Parish Register  1813-1837i  collectionEight E. Sussex Parish Marriages
   MIs (few)       
   Census on CD     1841CDSussex Census 1841 Vol. 17
   Census     185135mm m/filmFilm No. CM40
   Census     1851Printed IndexE. SSX 1851 Census Index J. Barnes Vol.15
   Census     186116mm m/filmFilm No. XA2/4B
   Census     187135mm m/filmFilm XA17/3 & 12b
   Parish Register St Mary1642-1900 1642-1902 1642-1900Fiche 
   Banns 1815-1900   Fiche 
   Wes. Meth. see Chichester circuit1831-1837    transcriptSSX Non Conformist Registers Vol. 1
   Cemetery Records    1873-1911iphotocopy 
   Register of Graves    1873-1911photocopy 
   MIs in Church of St Mary (1970) by Ronald F. NEWMAN       
   MIs Church only       
   1851 Census index     1851Printed Index 
   Census Index 1861     1861Printed Index 
   Census Index 1871     1871Printed Index 
   Census Index 1881     1881Printed Index 
   Census index 1891 - A - K     1891Printed Index 
   Census index 1891 - L - Y     1891Printed Index 
   Littlehampton - Official Guide 1956       
   Toddington -It's Past & People by Ilene & Wilfred DAGGETT       
   Parish Register 1558-1876 1558-1900 1558-1900Fiche 
   Banns 1873-1900   Fiche 
   Parish Register1557-1812i 1557-1812i 1557-1812itranscript 
   Parish Register1813-1866 1813-1897 1813-1902transcript 
   Index only  1813-1838i    
   The Parish Registers of Lodsworth by R. J. Daughtree1557-1632 1557-1632 1557-1632  
   MIs St.Peter 1977       
   Census     1851Printed IndexW. SSX 1851 Census Index SFHG Vol. 3
   Parish Register 1840-1900 1840-1900 1840-1900Fiche 
   Parish Register of Holy Trinity, surname indexed1840-1901 1840-1901 1841-1901CDSXW 57
   Parish Register of Holy Trinity, Banns 1875-1901   CDSXW 57
   Banns 1875-1900   Fiche 
   MIs (1990)       
   Kelly's Directories see Horsham       
   Notes on History of Bethel Chapel Lower Beeding by Miss K. Langley       
   Parish Register1875-1900    Fiche 
   Parish Register photocopy 1813-1858    photocopy oversize 
   Parish Register ts1721-1812i 1721-1837i 1721-1812itranscript 
   Banns Register 1759-1904   transcript 
   Census     1841FicheSussex Census 1841 by PBN Vol. 7
   Census     185135mm m/filmFilm No. CM37
   Census     1851Printed IndexE. SSX 1851 Census Index J. Barnes Vol. 8
   Census     186116mm m/filmFilm No. XA2/3
   Census     187135mm m/filmFilm XA17/2
   Parish Register 1559-1900 1559-1900 1559-1900Fiche 
   Banns 1824-1900   Fiche 
   Parish Register Index of Occupations1559-1840i 1559-1840i 1559-1840itranscript 
   Census     1851FicheW. SSX 1851 Census Index SFHG Vol 4
   Parish Register 1566-1900 1566-1900 1566-1900Fiche 
   Banns 1816-1877   Fiche 
   MIs St Mary Magdalene (1995) by Worthing MC     Printed 
   MIs Dunkin's (few)       
   1851 to 1871 Census index     1851-71Printed Index 
   1881 Census index      1881Printed Index 
   Church of S.Mary Magdalene - Guide by Rev. D.L. SATTERFORD (1966)