SFHG Library Catalogue - Section 1 - Places beginning with I

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CountyMain InformationChristeningsBanns MarriagesBurialsCensusFormatLook In
   Parish Register photocopy 1813-1845    photocopy oversize 
   Parish Register1701-1799    transcriptcollection in CT File 2
   Bishop's Transcript with gaps)  1670-1754  transcript 
   MIs All Saints Church 1998 by Hastings & Rother FHS       
   MIs (few)       
   MIs     CollectionLeaves from a Genealogist's Notebook
   Census on CD     1841CDSussex Census 1841 Vol. 13
   Census     1851Printed IndexE. SSX 1851 Census Index J. Barnes Vol. 2
   Census     186116mm m/filmFilm No. XA2/1
   Census     187135mm m/filmFilm XA17/6
   Ch.of All Saints - guide Ed. by Rev. J.C.POOLE (1964)       
   Parish Register photocopy 1813-1849    slips in boxes 
   Parish Register1700-1799    transcriptcollection in CT File 2
   Parish Register  1562-1752i  transcript 
   Parish Register  1755-1812i  transcript 
   Parish Register  1814-1837i  transcript 
   MIs     CollectionLeaves from a Genealogist's Notebook
   Census on CD     1841CDSussex Census 1841 Vol. 12
   Census     1851Printed IndexE. SSX 1851 Census Index J. Barnes Vol. 1
   Census     186116mm m/filmFilm No. XA2/1
   Census     187135mm m/filmFilm XA17/5
   Accounts and Records of the Manor of Mote in Iden. 1442-1551, 1673, by Mark Gardiner & Christopher Whittick     PrintedAlso listed in 2/11 SRS
   Parish Register 1568-1901 1568-1900 1568-1900Fiche 
   Parish Register 1653-1759    check CMBFiche 
   Parish Register 1568-1653    check CMBFiche 
   Parish Register1568-1653 1568-1651  transcript 
   Parish Register1652-1760 1652-1760 1652-1760transcript 
   Parish Register1760-1789    transcriptcollection in CT File 2
   Parish Register, St. Margaret of Antioch1568-19011754-18121568-1900 1569-1901CDSXW 130
   Transcript (BT)1606-1759    check CMBFiche 
   Quaker 1650-1837 1659-1837 1659-1837transcriptSusssex Quaker Records
   MIs St Margaret (1977) i       
   Iford Parish Register1790-1799    transcriptcollection in CT File 2
   Kingston1790-1799    transcriptcollection in CT File 2
   Kingston Parish Register photocopy & ts  1755-1812  transcript 
   MIs 1996. St Pancras Kingston       
   MIs (1991) Iford       
KINGSTONG5 Census on CD     1841CDSussex Census 1841 Vol. 23
IFORD / KINGSTON Census Iford & Kingston     185135mm m/filmFilm No. CM46
   Census Iford & Kingston     1851Printed IndexE. SSX 1851 Census Index J. Barnes Vol. 23
   Census Iford & Kingston     186116mm m/filmFilm No. XA2/6
IFORDG5 Census Iford & Kingston     187135mm m/filmFilm XA17/15
   Census on CD     1841CDSussex Census 1841 Vol. 23
   Iping & Iping Marsh Parish Register 1653-1900 1653-1900 1653-1898Fiche 
   Banns 1838-1900   Fiche 
   Parish Register and Banns  1654-1837  transcript 
   Census     1851FicheW. SSX 1851 Census Index SFHG Vol 4
   Parish Register photocopy 1813-1861    photocopy oversize 
   Parish Register ts with Barcombe ts1570-1692 1571-1692 1570-1696transcript 
   Parish Register photocopy 1861-1947    photocopy oversize 
   Parish Register  1691-1753i  transcript 
   Parish Register  1754-1837i  transcript 
   MIs (3 only)       
   Census     185135mm m/filmFilm No. CM40
   Census     1851Printed IndexE. SSX 1851 Census Index J. Barnes Vol.15
   Census     186116mm m/filmFilm No. XA2/4B
   Census     187135mm m/filmFilm XA17/12b
   Census     187135mm m/filmFilm XA17/3
   Ch.of St. Margaret - guide       
ITCHENOR (West) Parish Register 1561-1900 1561-1900 1561-1900Fiche 
   Parish Register transcript1562-1878 1562-1716 1561-1878FicheArun SeriesVol. 32
   IndexedTranscript of the Parish Register of St. Nicholas1562-18781754-18901562-1876 1561-1876Mini CD 
   Banns 1829-1900   Fiche 
   Parish Register transcript  1829-1899  FicheArun SeriesVol. 32
   Banns transcript 1754-1798   FicheArun SeriesVol. 32
   Banns transcript 1829-1889   FicheArun SeriesVol. 32
ITCHENOR Wes. Meth. Chichester circuit Non Conformist ts1831-1837    transcriptSSX Non Conformist Registers Vol. 1
   MIs & Surname Index (1997)       
   1841 to 1891 W.Itchenor Census Index on fiche     1841-91FicheCensus Index
   Ch.of St. Nicholas - guide by F.W. STEER FSA (1963)       
   Parish Register of St. Nicholas, surname indexed1591-1901 1591-1900 1591-1901CDSXW 89
   Parish Register 1700-1900 1700-1900 1700-1900Fiche 
   Parish Register  1583-1837i  transcript 
   Banns 1824-1886   Fiche 
   Parish Register of St. Nicholas, Banns 1754-1901   CDSXW 89
   MIs (few)       
   1841-1891 Census Index on Fiche     1841-91FicheCensus Index
   Kelly's Directories see Horsham       
   History of St. Nicholas Church 1125-1990 - by Keith H. DENDY        
   Ch.of St. Nicholas & Priest's House - guide.