SFHG Library Catalogue - Section 1 - Places beginning with D

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CountyMain InformationChristeningsBanns MarriagesBurialsCensusFormatLook In
   Parish Register photocopy 1857-1895    photocopy oversize 
   Parish Register1643-1790 1643-1753 1643-1810transcript 
   Parish Register1790-1810    transcript 
   Bishop's Transcript1598-1640 1598-1640 1598-1640transcript 
   Parish Register  1813-1842i  transcript 
   MIs      CollectionLeaves from a Genealogist's Notebook
   Census     1841FicheSussex Census 1841 by PBN Vol.4
   Census     185135mm m/filmFilm No. CM36
   Census     1851Printed IndexE. SSX 1851 Census Index J. Barnes Vol. 7
   Census     186116mm m/filmFilm No. XA2/2
   Census     187135mm m/filmFilm XA17/1
   Notes on the Dallington Methodist Chapel & Anniversary Day 1938       
   See Fletching & H. Keynes for PRs pre 1851       
   DH P. Hist Mag. Vol.2 No.7 Some Local Families       
   Danehill Parish Hist. Society Magazines - various issues       
   Men from the Parish who fell in the Great War 1914-18 by P.G. LUCAS 1999 ()DPHPS)       
   We Will Remember Them" Danehill men lost in the two World Wars with photographs and notes       
   Parish Register1813-1837 1821-1836i  transcript 
   Parish Register1760-1789    transcriptcollection in CT File 1
   Parish Register1790-1798    transcriptcollection in CT File 1
   Bishop's Transcript  1575-1744i  transcript 
   Parish Register  1754-1811i  transcript 
   Parish Register  1754-1812  transcript 
   MIs (few)       
   Census     185135mm m/filmFilm No. CM46
   Census     1851Printed IndexE. SSX 1851 Census Index J. Barnes Vol. 23
   Census     186116mm m/filmFilm No. XA2/6
   Census     187135mm m/filmFilm XA17/15
   Parish Register photocopy 1845-1901    slips in boxes 
   Zoar Chapel (Hellingly) SFHG Historian V0l.2 No.1. p261820-1830    transcript 
   MIs Zoar Bt.Chapel 1990       
   A History of Dicker by Lez SMITH       
   Parish Register 1716-1782 1716-1782 1716-1782Fiche 
   Parish Register  1840-1877  Fiche 
   Census with Bepton     1841-91FicheCensus Index
   Census     1851FicheW. SSX 1851 Census Index SFHG Vol 4
   Parish Register1557-1837i 1556-1711i 1556-1644itranscript 
   Parish Register  1713-1837i 1653-1837itranscript 
   Old Mtg. Hse. records - Book 1     transcript 
   O.M.H.rcds 1753-1894 - Book 1 Church Memorandum Book - indexd.     transcript 
   Old Meeting House - Book 21798-1832   1821-1950transcript 
   MIs Old Meeting House-Book 2 Includes graves and MIs     transcript 
   Trust Deeds 1740-1975 - Book 3     transcript 
   Old Mtg House1806-1833   1821-1837transcriptNon Parochial Records of SSX Vol. 3
   MIs St Margaret (1991)       
   MIs (few) (1878)       
   Census     1841Fiche & CDSussex Census 1841 by PBN Vol. 8
   Census     185135mm m/filmFilm No. CM46
   Census     1851Printed IndexE. SSX 1851 Census Index J. Barnes Vol. 21
   Census     186116mm m/filmFilm No. XA2/5
   Census     187135mm m/filmFilm XA17/14
   See Mid Sussex Directories       
   Church of St. Margaret-guide.by W.H. GODFREY CBE FSA (1958)       
   Growing up in Ditchling.by Doris HALL (1985)       
   The History of Ditchling in the County of Sussex by Henry Cheal Jun.(facsimile)       
   History and Design in a Village Churchyard & CD     Printed 
   Parish Register 1559-1900 1559-1900 1559-1900Fiche 
   Parish Register indexed transcript1559-1878 1559-1876 1559-1876FicheArun Series Vol. 14
   Parish Register of St. George1559-18781756-19001559-1876 1559-1883Mini CDArun Series SXW 14
   Banns indexed transcript 1756-1876   FicheArun Series Vol. 14
   Banns 1824-1900   Fiche 
   MIs & List of Rectors       
   ... Census see Appledram       
   Census     1841-91FicheCensus Index
   Census with Apppledram     1851-91Printed Index 
   Parish Register 1548-1900 1548-1900 1548-1900Fiche 
   Banns 1824-1900   Fiche 
   Census with Barlavington      1851  
   Census with Barlavington     1851Printed IndexSSX. Census Records Vol.1
   Parish Register 1628-1900 1628-1752 1628-1900Fiche 
   Parish Register1813-1900   1813-1900Fiche 
   Parish Register1772-1812 1772-1812 1772-1812transcript 
   Census on CD Comp .by Mike Searle     1891CDCD for Worthing