SFHG Library Catalogue - Section 1 - Places beginning with A

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CountyMain InformationChristeningsBanns MarriagesBurialsCensusFormatLook In
   Parish Register 1550-1900 1550-1876 1550-1886Fiche 
   Parish Register1700-1717 1699-1720 1700-1721transcriptcollection in CT File 1
   Parish Register1720-1789    transcriptcollection in CT File 1
   Parish Register checked with BT  1605-1732  transcript 
   Bishop's Transcript  1813-1837  transcript 
   MIs (1975) few       
   MIs on Fiche with Woodmancote     Fiche 
   Census on CD     1841CDSussex Census 1841 Vol. 21
   Census As Enumerated & Index     1841-91CDSussex Census Transcriptions- Henfield SFHG
   Census     185135mm m/filmFilm No. CM45
   Census     1851Printed IndexE. SSX 1851 Census Index J. Barnes Vol. 20
   Census     186116mm m/filmFilm No. XA2/5
   Albourne - A Village Guide by W. D. STARLEY & M. HOLT     Printed 
   Parish Register1575-1702i 1575-1702i 1575-1702itranscript 
   Parish Register1808-1812 1755-1840 1808-1812transcript 
   Parish Register ts1813-1900i    transcript 
   MIs (few)       
   Census on CD     1841CDSussex Census 1841 Vol. 23
   Census     185135mm m/filmFilm No. CM46
   Census     1851Printed IndexE. SSX 1851 Census Index J. Barnes Vol. 23
   Census     186116mm m/filmFilm No. XA2/6
   Census     187135mm m/filmFilm No. XA17/15
   Church Guide - see Selmeston     Printed 
   Parish Register 1558-1876 1558-1875 1558-1876Fiche 
   Parish Register - St. Mary1558-1876 1558-1876 1558-1875mini CDSXW 45
   Parish Register  1813-1841i  transcript 
   Parish Register    1813-1870transcript 
   Banns 1823-1900   Fiche 
   Banns - St. Mary 1656, 1823-1880   mini CDSXW 45
   MIs (1855)     CollectionTime Warp
   Census on CD     1841CDSussex Census 1841 Vol. 24
   Census     1851FicheE. SSX Census 1851 Family Roots = JB Vol 24
   Census     186116mm m/filmFilm No. XA2/8
   Census     187135mm m/filmFilm No. XA17/16
   Parish Register photocopy 1813-1876    slips in boxes 
   Parish Register1538-1734i 1544-1735i 1547-1734itranscript 
   Parish Register  1754-1812  transcript 
   Parish Register ts1836-1900i    transcript 
   Parish Register  1813-1836i  transcript 
   Ebenezer Ind. Chapel Non Conformist ts1801-1837    transcriptSSX Non Conformist Registers Vol. 3
    - surnames - extracts1804-1837   1804-1836transcriptNon Parochial Records of SSX Vol. 1
   MIs SAC 17 (few)       
   MIs United Reformed       
   Census     1841FicheSussex Census 1841 by PBN Vol. 7
   Census     185135mm m/filmFilm No. CM37
   Census     1851Printed IndexE. SSX 1851 Census Index J. Barnes Vol. 8
   Census     186116mm m/filmFilm No. XA2/3
   Alfriston - A Sussex Village by Rex A. MARCHANT     Printed 
   Crime & Disorder in Late Georgian Alfriston by W.JOHNSON     Printed 
   Tales of Old Inns No. 32 The "Star" at Alfriston     Printed 
   Early Victorian Alfriston by W.H. JOHNSON     Printed 
   Churches of Selmeston & Alfriston - guide       
   Parish Register inc. some Banns1560-1900 1560-1900 1560-1900Fiche 
   Banns 1823-1900   Fiche 
   Parish Register & Bishop's Transcript  1560-1840i  transcript 
   Parish Register    1813-1875transcript 
   MIs i (1920)       
   MIs (1998/9) by Worthing MI Section       
   Census with Rackham     1841-91FicheCensus Index
   Census     185135mm m/filmFilm No. CM50
   Census     1851Printed IndexW. SSX 1851 Census Index SFHG Vol. 1
   St. Michael's Church - guide     Printed 
   Dear Amberley - Guide & History by Rev. E. Noel STAINES     Printed 
   Parish Register 1562-1900 1562-1900 1566-1877Fiche 
   Parish Clerks Register of Baptisms, Marriages & Burials1764-1783   1764-1783Fiche 
   Parish Register1562-1687 1562-1687 1562-1687transcriptSussex Record Society Vol. 18
   Parish Register  1688-1812i  transcript 
   Parish Register indexed transcript1813-1877 1813-1876 1813-1877FicheArun Series Vol. 1
   Parish Register - St. Margaret,1688-1877 1678-1877 1688-1877mini CD 
   Parish Register     1678-1812  
   Banns 1824-1864   Fiche 
   Census     1851-81Printed Index 
   Census     1891Printed Index 
   Angmering - Reminiscences of bygone days by the Angmering Society     Printed 
   Parish Register inc some Banns1661-1900 1676-1900 1661-1900Fiche 
   Parish Register indexed transcript1594-1879 1599-1876 1595-1877FicheArun Series Vol. 11
   Parish Register ts  1813-1842  transcript 
   Parish Register1688-1877 1678-1877 1688-1877mini CDArun Series SXW 11
   Banns 1824-1900   Fiche 
   Banns indexed transcript 1790-1873   FicheArun Series Vol. 11
   MIs & Surname Index St. Mary The Virgin (1988)       
   Census     1841-91FicheCensus Index
   Census with Donnington     1851-91Printed Index 
   Parish Register inc. some Banns1558-1900 1558-1900 1558-1885Fiche 
   Photo copy of Parish Register1558-1812 1558-1812 1558-1812transcriptSussex Record Society Vol. 18
   Parish Register1558-1812 1558-1812 1558-1812VolumeSussex Record Society Vol. 18
   Parish Register, St. Peter Ardingly1558-19011754-19051558-1900 1558-1885CDSXW 134. Banns 1754-1812 & 1824-1905
   Bishop's Transcript  1813-1839i  transcript 
   Banns 1824-1905   Fiche 
   N.C. see also Lindfield     transcriptNon Parochial Records of SSX Vol. 2
   Ardingly Congregational Church1898-2002 1907-1995 1905-1971transcript 
   Census - 1841     1841CDSussex Census 1841 Vol. 20
   Census - 1851     185135mm m/filmFilm No. CM45
   Census - 1851     1851Printed IndexE. SSX 1851 Census Index J. Barnes Vol. 19
   Census - 1861     186116mm m/filmFilm No. XA2/4B
   See Mid Sussex Directories       
   Church of St. Peter - guide 1962       
   A History of the Church of St. Peter by Peter SIMPSON 2008.     Volume 
   Oaklands - This is Your Life" 1947-2007 by Barbara LUCAS with photos of inhabitants     Printed 
   with Balcombe ts Parish Register 1572-1692 1573-1697 1572-1696transcript 
   Parish Register1607-1679i 1606-1678i 1607-1657itranscript 
   Parish Register1684-1697i 1686-1695i 1661-1678itranscript 
   Parish Register  1755-1837 1685-1698itranscript 
   Parish Register1799-1799    transcriptcollection in CT File 1
   Parish Register ts1889-1900i    transcript 
   Parish Register    1607-1698trtanscript 
   MIs (few)       
   Census     1841FicheSussex Census 1841 by PBN Vol. 1
   Census     185135mm m/filmFilm No. CM38
   Census     1851Printed IndexE. SSX 1851 Census Index J. Barnes Vol. 9
   Census     186116mm m/filmFilm No. XA2/3
   Census     187135mm m/filmFilm XA17/2
   St. Pancras Church - guide     Printed 
   Parish Register 1560-1900 1560-1900 1560-1900Fiche 
   Parish Register - Holy Trinity1560-1876 1560-1876 1560-1876mini CDArun Series SXW 39
   Bishop's Transcript1573-1640 1573-1640 1573-1640transcript 
   Bishop's Transcript1738-1765 1738-1765 1738-1765transcript 
   Bishop's Transcript  1560-1840i  transcript 
   Cong. Chapel Tarrant St.1796-1837   1804-1836transcriptNon Parochial Records of SSX Vol. 1
   Banns 1844-1900   Fiche 
   Town Cemetery Records    1813-1917photocopy 
   Town Cemetery Index    1883-1917iphotocopy 
   Cong. Chapel Tarrant St. Non Conformist ts1796-1837    transcriptSSX Non Conformist Registers Vol. 3
   MIs (1969)       
   Census     1851Printed Index 
   Census     1861Printed Index 
   Census     1871Printed Index 
   Census     1881Printed Index 
   Census     1891Printed Index 
   Church of St.Philip Neri guide - (Roman Catholic)     Printed 
   Arundel Castle - Guide Inc. NORFOLK Pedigree     Printed 
   Parish Register photocopy 1842-1873    slips in boxes 
   St. James Parish Register & Bishop's Transcript  1538-1606  transcript 
   Parish Register  1607-1837i  transcript 
   Parish Register ts1873-1900i    transcript 
   MIs      CollectionLeaves from a Genealogist's Notebook
   Census     1841FicheSussex Census 1841 by PBN Vol.4
   Census     185135mm m/filmFilm No. CM36
   Census     1851Printed IndexE. SSX 1851 Census Index J. Barnes Vol. 7
   Census     186116mm m/filmFilm No. XA2/2
   Census     187135mm m/filmFilm XA17/1
   Parish Register 1736-1900 1736-1900 1736-1900Fiche 
   Banns 1823 -1900   Fiche 
   Parish Register1571-1840i 1583-1840i 1571-1840itranscript 
   Bishop's Transcript1571-1737i 1571-1737i 1571-1737itranscript 
   Census with Buncton     185135mm m/filmFilm No. CM50
   Census     185135mm m/filmFilm No. CM50
   Census     1851Printed IndexW. SSX 1851 Census Index SFHG Vol. 2
   Census     1881Printed Index 
   Parish Register of St. James, surname indexed1560-1930 1560-1950 1560-1930CDSXW 49
   Parish Register 1560-1900 1560-1900 1560-1900Fiche 
   Parish Register1813-1837i 1753-1837i 1806-1837itranscript 
   Banns 1824-1900   Fiche 
   Parish Register of St. James, Banns 1759-1812   CDSXW 49
   MIs (1996)       
   MIs St. James (1896)       
   Census     1841-91FicheCensus Index
   Census As Enumerated & Index     1841-91CDSussex Census Transcriptions- Henfield SFHG
   Census     1841-91Printed Index 
   Census     186116mm m/filmFilm No. XA2/8
   Churchwardens A/c & Vestry Minute Book 1522-1630     Fiche 
   Eatons School Ashurst- History by J.D.R.TOWNSEND/Early Education     Printed 
   Church of St. James - guide     Printed