SFHG Library - Abbreviations used in the Catalogue

Used in Headings
C = Christenings M = Marriages
B = Burials
Used elsewhere
BT = Bishops'Transcripts (transcribed from) PR = Parish Register (transcribed from)
CT = 2 files of transcripts from E. Sussex Baptismal Registers pc = photo-copy
e = extracts s = surnames
(e) = extracts only (s) = surnames only
F = fichets SAC = from a volume of Sussex Archeological Collections
ESRO = East Sussex County Record Office SQts = included in Jean SHELLEY's Quaker transcripts
I = indexed (following the date of a transcript) SOG = Society of Genealogists
LGN = Leaves From a Genealogist's Notebook SRS = from a volume of Sussex Record Society
MI = Monumental Inscription transcript ts = transcript
mf = microfilm WSRO = West Sussex County Record Office
NC = Non Conformist ix = index