The Cobden Family of Sussex

I maintain a database and numerous files concerning the Cobden family covering the period from approximately 1500 to around 1900, which I update through my own research in archives (wills, properties, census returns, etc.) and through substantiated contributions from Cobden descendants. This study I have registered with the Guild of One Name Studies.

I have aimed to focus only on the Cobdens in Britain; nevertheless, I have included some data on those who emigrated during the 19th century, mostly in collaboration with their descendants in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and elsewhere. However, all information concerning the Cobden family is of interest to me but I insist on knowing how and where it has been obtained and would gladly correspond by post or email to help someone further his or her own research of the Cobden family.

My connection with the Cobden family stems from the parents of my great, great grandfather, the landscape painter William Robert Earl, who was born in Chichester on 12 December 1806 and died in Shooter's Hill, Kent, on 10 June 1880. His mother was the Mary Cobden who married John Parsons Earle in St. Pancras church, Chichester, on 16 January 1806 and whose father was William Cobden, carpenter and gentleman of Chichester, whose descent I have managed to trace through to West Dean, Sussex, in the 17th century.

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