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If you wish to search in a particular parish, it is probably quicker to 'Browse baptisms', or 'Browse census' rather than to use 'Find person'. However, if you wish to use the wildcard % in the name(s), use Search, Find a person.

First names
Optional. Searches for any name starting with the characters entered
Optional. There are three search options
  • The default is a search for a name starting with any characters entered
  • An exact match for the surname
  • Variants - Soundex matching will be used for surnames with a similar sound
(#Need to check relevance for each class of data..#)
Not used for the SFHG archive
Year range: From and To
Optional. Used to limit the search. Neither, one or both may be entered. This is the date of the records sought, not a date that happens to be in the text.

Suppose I wish to search for the baptism of William Stoner around 1845. I might enter

Person Search

First NameSurname

Year range: FromTo

The 'w' will catch William and Wm. Using a wildcard ston%r would catch variants such as stoner, stonor, stonner.

The results are presented in three columns. If the number of rows exceeds 50 then multiple pages are used. Click on the 'View' column to see a result.

View Sources Number of matches
Brighton St Nicholas 1
Baptisms > Brighton > St Nicholas
Lower Beeding Holy Trinity 2
Baptisms > Lower Beeding > Holy Trinity
Northchapel St Michael 1
Baptisms > Northchapel > St Michael
Petworth St Mary 2
Baptisms > Petworth > St Mary
Sussex People Index 1
People Index

w stoner was found in seven records over that period, six being baptisms. After selecting the icon in the view column for Lower Beeding we see the two entries.

Displaying 1 to 2 of 2 results. Display results in horizontal format
View Baptisms > Lower Beeding > Holy TrinityLower Beeding Holy Trinity
 Surname STONER
  Year baptised1846
 Year baptised1846

Clicking on the second icon in the View column shows the details for William Stoner.

 Entry from Lower Beeding Holy Trinity 1840 - 1900
First names  William    
Surname  STONER    
Sex  s    
Baptism Date  06-Dec    
Year baptised  1846    
Father first names  Henry    
Father surname  STONER    
Mother first names  Caroline    
Mother surname  STONER    
Occupation  Labourer    

Although William Stoner was being baptised in this record, it could equally have been the father or mother with christian name starting 'w' and not the child.

You can find all other Stoner baptisms in the parish by clicking on the icon to the left of surname. This applies to each of the rows. So, clicking on the icon to the left of the year 1846 will list all entries in that year.

People Index

If the result in which you are interested is from the Sussex People Index, click on the View icon to the left of the result. Then click on the Book icon alongside the result of interest.

Then click on the icon by View entry detail.


If the result of interest is from the census, say Chichester 1851, use the View icons until you see the detail. Then you can click on the icon by Household to see other members of that household. Or the icon by Surname to see others with the same name in Chichester.