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SFHG Frontis - Browse Help

The first browse screen may have on the right 'View all classes' or 'Ignore empty classes'. If the latter then clicking on it will give a better idea of the data that is present, rather than the structure that is in place.


To search for a baptism in a particular parish, it is probably quicker to 'Browse baptisms' rather than to use 'Find person'. However, if you wish to use the wildcard % in the name(s), use Search, Find a person.

If you click on Baptisms in the Browse section, you will see

Browse Record Classifications

click to hide Context/Category
   └ Browse from hereBaptisms

Ignore empty classes Ignore empty classes
Actions Classifications
    ├ Albourne

If the parish you wish to search or browse is not on the first page it is probably best to click on Baptisms under Context/Category above which will give you some descriptive text and a more compact list. An alternative if you have already seen the descriptive text is to start out by clicking on the + to the left of Baptisms in the BROWSE RECORDS area.

Clicking Woodmancote, then on the folder of St Peter, and on the book icon, will display the baptisms for that parish. Then you can either browse the records or Search for baptisms with a specific surname.

People Index

After clicking on People Index, if the surname you wish to browse is not on the first page it is probably best to click on SPI under Context/Category above.

This gives an index to groups of surnames. When you have found your surname and identified an entry of interest you may want to note the source and entry numbers.

You can click on the book icon above to View Source Information.

If you are returning to the data and know the source number, simply click on the + to the left of People Index in the left margin and you will see Entries and Sources. Click on Sources, then on the book icon. Scroll down to the source number you noted to see the information.


To browse census information, click on the + to the left of Census in the Browse section. A + beside one of the place names indicates that there may be data in the archive.

Click on the place name and then on the census year. When you reach the census you can browse through the pages or search by surname.