List of Places of Worship, War Memorials, and Cemeteries in Sussex

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Place or HamletNotes
Place of Worship, War Memorial or CemeteryRegistered
for worship
RefChurchWar MemInside
Lagness hamlet found in Pagham
LAMBERHURST (Transfered to Kent)
War Mem.   3713   
St James the Less War Mem.   3714Yes  
St Michael & All Angels,South Lancing War Mem.   3715   
Protestant Dissenters,Lower Lancing house   1815 3716   
Dissenters,New Building   1833  3717   
Methodist,South Street * (originally in Alma Street 1820)   1865 reb.1903 3718   
Evangelical Free Church,North Road *   1937 3719   
St Mary & St. Nicholas College Chapel *   1868 3720   
Lancing cemetery
Poss parish Council upperwest lane 1923 - 1970 cemetery   3721   
Lancing + Sompting cemetery
Ada District council Upper Boundstone Lane cemetery   3722   
St Leonard   3723   
LAUGHTON (Whitesmith)
All Saints War Mem.   3724YesYes 
Dissenters house   1770 3725   
Wesleyan Methodist   1803  3726   
Independent house   1814 3727   
Protestants,Laughton Common house   1830 3728   
St Michael ,High Street   3729aYesYes 
All Saints,Friars Walk .(cl.1975)* [arts center]   3730Yes  
St Anne,High Street (alias St. Peter & St. Mary Westout)   3731Yes  
St John-sub-Castro,St. John Hill (reb.1839)   3732Yes  
St Thomas-at-Cliffe   3733Yes  
St John the Baptist,Southover War Mem.   3734YesYes 
(RC) Sacred Heart & St. Pancras ,High Street *  1870 cl.1939 3736Yes  
St James Chancellery* [in private property]   3737Yes  
Anabaptists,Southover,nr.Free School house   1697 3738   
Anabaptists,Eastport Lane,Southover house   1741 3739   
Eastgate Particular Baptist,Cliffe Chapel Baptist,Eastgate Street   1843  1784 3740Yes  
Baptist,Eastport Lane,Southover   1657  3741   
Bridge Chapel,in the Cliffe   1851  3742   
Congregational   1647  3743Yes  
Congregational Tabernacle,High Street   1816 dem.1955  3744   
Countess of Huntingdon,Cliffe   1765  3745   
Countess of Huntingdon,St. Mary Lane   1788  3746   
Calvinist (Jireh),Malling Street,Cliffe south street**  1805 3747Yes  
Calvinist Bethesda,St. John Street   1817 cl.1929  1838 dem.1973 3748   
Dissenters,Building in St. Thos.Cliffe Parish   1805 3749   
Westgate chapel Dissenters,a Building,High Street [fair trade shop]   1824  3750Yes  
Dissenters,Public Temple,St. John sub Castro   1827 3751   
Dissenters,Mechanics Institute,West Street   1843 3752   
Ebenezer Chapel,Fisher Street   1841  3753   
Independent Calvinist Refuge Chapel   1795 dis.1815  3754   
Lewes Prison Chapel,Brighton Road   1853  3755   
Methodist (Sussex Mission),Station Street * [antiques Market]  1867 cl.1973 3756   
Wesleyan Methodist,St. Mary Lane   1718  3757Yes  
Presbyterian   1662  3758   
Presbyterians,ex Bull Inn,St. MichaelParish   1711 3759   
Presbyterians,in St. MichaelParish house   1716 3760   
Presbyterian Hamilton Memorial,Market Street   1870 cl.1945 3761   
Protestant Dis.,Lewes Tabernacle,High Street   1816 3762   
Protestant Dissenters Chapel,All Saints Par.   1819 3763   
Providence Chapel,Lancaster Street   1827  3764   
Providence Chapel,Little East Street   1880  3765   
St Mary Church Hall,Mount Harry Road   3766   
Salvation Army,Eastport Lane   3767   
Society of Friends,Friars Walk *   1675  1834 3768Yes  
Unitarian Free Christian,High St. Westgate   1688 3769   
United Reformed & Christ Church 3769aYes  
War Mem in Town Centre   3770Yes  
Lewes cemetery
Town Council cemetery Rotten Row (4.5 acres)   3771   
Lickfold hamlet found in Lodsworth
Lidsey hamlet found in Aldingbourne
St Luke War Mem.   3774Yes  
Independents,Hartleys Green   1807  3775   
St Peter   3776YesYes 
St Michael & All Angels Mission   1923  3777   
Congregational   1902  3778   
LINDFIELD (see also Scaynes Hill)
All Saints War Mem.   3779Yes  
Presbyterians,house called Uenches house hse called Cuddles or Bedles house   1716 1722 3780   
Dissenters,house called Oathall house house h house   1765 1770 1810 1835 3781   
Lindfield & Ardingly Cong.,High Street   1810 reb.1857  3782Yes  
Calvinist Methodist Chapel   1813  3783Yes  
Dissenters,hse called Barnetts or Barnlands   1852 3784   
Lindfield cemetery
Parish Council cemetery Walstead It is a civil cemetery owned by Mid-Sussex District Council and is still in use. It lies just off the B2111 between Lindfield and Scaynes Hill.  3785   
St Michael the Archangel,War Mem.   3786Yes  
Protestant Dissenters house   1816 3787   
Little Bognor hamlet found in Fittleworth
Little London hamlet found in Waldron
Little Brookham hamlet found in Bepton
Little Udimore hamlet found in Udimore
LITTLE COMMON (see also Bexhill)
St Mark   1842  3792Yes  
War Mem. in Town   3793 Yes 
Protestant Dissenters Chapel   1876  3794   
methodist church   3795Yes  
St Martha  3796Yes  
St Mary the Virgin,Church Street   3797aYes  
St James,Arundel Road   1909  3798bYes  
(RC) St. Catherine ,Beach Road   1864  3799c   
St John the Evangelist,Pier Road (breakaway group from St. Mary)   1877 dem.1976  3800d   
Arminian Methodists,opposite Ferry house   1808 3801e   
Baptist,Fitzalan Road   1907  3802f   
Congregational,High Street   1861  3803g   
Methodist,Terminus Road   1826 cl.1898  3804h   
Methodist,New Road   1877 cl.1980  3805IYes  
Dissenters house ,Infant School Schoolroom   1827 1836 1839 3806   
Protestant Dissenters house house   1815 1818 3807   
Littlehampton cemetery
Urban Parish Council cemetery   3808   
Littleworth hamlet found in West Grinstead
LITTLE HORSTED (sometime known as Horsted Parva)
St Michael and All Angels War Mem.   3810YesYes 
Independent   1673  3811   
LOWER BEEDING (near Horsham see also Colgate & Coolhurst)
Holy Trinity War Mem.   3812YesYes 
Independent   1847  3813Yes  
LODSWORTH (Lickfold)
St Peter   3814Yes  
Independents,Lodsworth Wood Common house   1807 3815   
Protestant Dissenters house house   1816 1824 3816   
Lordington hamlet found in Racton
Zoar Strict Baptist,Lower Dicker   1837  3818Yes  
LOWFIELD HEATH (see also Crawley)
St Michael   1867  3819   
County Oak House   1844  3820   
LOXWOOD (see also Wisborough Green)
St John the Baptist   1900  3821   
Dependant Cokelers,Spy Lane   1862  3822   
Parish Church   3823Yes  
Lumley hamlet found in Westbourne
St Laurence  3825Yes  
Congregational   3826   
Dissenters,house called Rundhurst house   1718 3827   
Protestant Dissenters,Rundent Common house   1816 3828   
Dissenters,under Blackdown house   1830 3829   
Dissenters house a Schoolroom   1831 1831 3830   
LYMINSTER (Crossbush & Warningcamp)
St Mary Magdelen War Mem.   3831Yes  
see LINCHMERE   3832Yes